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Pretty much every web development company out there offers search engine optimisation (SEO). But how many of them could get you to page one of Google for anything more competitive than 'organic plums farm in Chipping Sodbury'. The answer is not many. At Dhaka WebDesign Design, we have consistently gained page one rankings for competitive search terms and we don't ask for a penny until we have done so.

If an 'SEO consultant' is telling you search engine optimisation is all about META tags, you should quickly put your money away and run for the nearest exit. There was a time when you could stuff META tags full of spam and hey presto you were on page one. Thankfully those days are long gone. Search engines are constantly evolving with the aim of providing higher quality and more relevant search results. To put it simply, in the big picture, META tags are about as useful in a search engine optimisation campaign as a punnet of organic plumss.

Our SEO service is broken down in to two areas:

  • On-site search engine optimisation - this involves making sure your site is easy for search engines to index and each pages tells the search engines what it is about
  • Off-site search engine optimisation - this involves getting your site known on the internet, so search engines have a reason to think your site is worthy of being on page one


On-site Search Engine Optimisation

On-site search engine optimisation can come in two stages, the first stage being initial optimisation. The aim is to create each page of your web site so that it tells the search engines exactly what it is about through the use of semantic HTML. At this stage we are shooting in the dark, since we don't know exactly what people are searching for to find your products and services. However, we use a number of tools we have available to us to guess what keywords people are searching for. It also takes a certain amount of common sense, e.g. if your web page is selling organic plumss it would be highly probable that you would like it to be optimised for the keyword 'organic plumss'. It is possible to increase the amount of keywords a web page is optimised for, which is carried out in the second stage of on-site search engine optimisation.

The second stage of on-site search engine optimisation involves reviewing what people are searching for to find your web site and to try and push your site into other markets that have become apparent are worth targeting. Realistically, you can only optimise a page so much for multiple keywords/phrases without weakening the other search terms and making the page read like a shopping list. However it is possible to optimise a page for a myriad of search terms using off-site optimisation.


Off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Off-site search engine optimisation is the main focus for all good SEO consultants in the modern search engine marketplace. You can make off-site optimisation work without any on-site optimisation, but the results are much better when the two are coupled. If you have been on the internet for a few years, it may be that your site already has some off-site optimisation that has happened naturally. This is a phenomenon which we can harness using a method known as link baiting. It is probably the most effective type of long-term SEO. We have dealt with some companies that have had a surprisingly good off-site optimisation without actually doing anything. Whereas other have been on the internet for years, spent large amounts of money on conventional advertising and were as good as invisible on search engines.

Whether you already have a good presence on search engines, have struggled for years to get anywhere or have a brand new site that hasn't even been indexed we can help. The service is quite simple and it works like this:

  • You tell us what keywords you want to appear on page one of Google for
  • We give you a price for the keywords and may also suggest a few others
  • You choose the keywords you would like to have optimised
  • You don't pay us a penny until your site has appeared on page one of Google for your selected keywords

If you would like more information or a quote call us on 078864921--.


Here are some concrete reasons why you must market your website through search engines and directories.

Your competitors are ranking well on the search engines.

Your competitors have opted for search engine optimization technology and started attracting your prospective customers. It is very frustrating that even though they are inferior in quality and services they are getting more and more business through internet marketing.

Your customer and potential customer are surfing the web to find out your products.

Gone are the days when your potential customers are collecting initial information about your products and services through yellow pages and business directories. They have become more technology oriented and using internet to read and research about products and services. They shortlist good companies and start negotiations with them. If your site is not listed well in the search engine, you will miss the chance to quote.

A well promoted website makes it easy for people to refer new customers to you.

For most of the businesses, referrals are the most crucial source of getting new customers. With a well promoted website, it becomes easy to encourage the referrals because customer can simply send your URL to their business contacts. Many times, referrals influence your potential customers to alternative manufacturer.

Search engine marketing increases the value of your product.

You can have pages and pages about your company, products, and services in much more detailed form than anyone else can be able to offer. A well placed website in search engine can draw the attention of your prospective customers and get an opportunity to explain about superiority over your competitors.

Your website positioning in search engine increases your credibility.

Imagine the miracle of technology, your website is listed above multimillion dollar companies or your company placed above world leader in your product range. In that case, your prospective customer will visit your website, which creates credibility at par with the multimillion dollar company. A high ranking website creates powerful impact on a potential customer & creates confidence in you. If your website is well designed and well positioned visitors will have no choice but to be impressed.

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